Micro Race

This sand yacht was especially built for the new class of Mini Yachts.

Its first title was World Champion! Many international championship titles proved the brilliant construction of this sand yacht even more.

Our goal was to build a competitive sand yacht which is length adjustable but still meets the requirements of the Mini Class 560.

With a V-rear axle and the sitting position behind the rear axle, we managed to fulfill this goal.

The center of weight lays far in the back which prevents overturning.

The result is a stunning acceleration and brilliant handling characteristics.

We also kept the comfort in mind by building in a very comfortable seat which will amaze free time pilots as well as race heads.


  • ready to sail



  • strengthened rear axle (pilots > 90 kg)
  • mast front hump
  • strengthened boom (sail > 4.6 square meters > 90 kg)
  • front footpegs mounting (pilots > 190 cm)
  • oval mast foot
  • BigFoot front fork
  • BigFoot wheels
  • Brake lever




new construction, longer pole than Micro, though better directional stability and higher maximum speed


weight: 40kg