• length of the deck: 92 cm
  • material of the deck: Canadian maple fiberglass composite
    deposit glued and plastic coated
  • width of the deck : 25 cm
  • all screws are from stainless steel
  • hardened steel axle with 8 mm axle diameter
  • wheels hight: 23 cm
  • wheels width : 6,5 cm
  • weight: 7,1 kg
  • changing stearing power by just open or close one screw

Ultra is the name of our High-End MTB which was constructed especially for the aggressive freestyle application.

The total weight on 7.1 kg could be reduced by the use of fiber glass composite material component what will appreciate the experienced Freestyler very much.

With a wheel size of 23 cm the Ultra Board counts to one of the lightest Boards on the market.

The proven ratchet binding is also used with the Ultra Board.

This provides an optimum power transmission by the wide upholsterer surface of the foot loop and grants a lightning adjusting of the desired position.


Price: 278,00 €