Zebra Z1

ZebraKites first four-lines construction is the Z1, which is a well-tempered intermediate kite with more performance and power compared to other kites in the beginners section.

The Z1 is ideal for kitebugging.  Because of its low pressure and the smooth pressure build-up the Z1 is also the right choice for ATB boarding.

Exclusively high quality materials are used in the production process of ZebraKites.

The canvas is a 42 gram, double-sided, coated Toray-canvas.

All the line attachments on the sail are sewn lavishly to guarantee maximum durability.

Due to the great success of the Z1 series as well as the huge demand within the kite scene we complemented the range with the new 10.0 m size.

This size is available from now on.

Compared to the smaller Z1 sizes, which produce a smaller range, the new Z1 10.0 is a leaner wing with a wider performance range.

The flight characteristics are amazing and the kite is more advanced in a face to face comparison with any other kite in the intermediate class.

With its nice, easy and smooth flight characteristics the Z1 will be a loyal partner on sand, grass and snow.






ZEBRA Z1 1.5 kite only

160,00 €


ZEBRA Z1 2.5 kite only

210,00 €


ZEBRA Z1 3.4 kite only

250,00 €


ZEBRA Z1 4.0 kite only

305,00 €


ZEBRA Z1 5.0 kite only

333,00 €


ZEBRA Z1 6.5 kite only  

390,00 €


ZEBRA Z1 10.0 kite only

435,00 €