Zebra Z3

Over the last years the Z-series of ZebraKites earned a flawless reputation in both fields: hard competition use as well as free-time fun riding.

After the huge success of Z1 and Z2 it is time now to take the Z-series to the next level.

It took us two years of intensive development work to finally announce:
Welcome to the third generation: ZebraKites Z3 is here!

Even before market maturity the Z3 won races which clearly showed us the right direction we were heading with this grand kite.

Its beautiful, slim wing form is just beautiful to look at.

The flight abilities of the Z3 are significant: accurate dosing, direct steering behavior and easy-to-handle traction on all courses and in all wind conditions.

Only the finest and highest quality materials were chosen.

A highly airtight, triple-coated sailcloth was chosen along with state of the art race-lines which are spliced and sewed to provide full control in any situation.

As the previous Z-models already proved- the Z3 will continue the successes in international competitions and free-time riding!


-Delivery while stocks last-





ZEBRA Z3 2.7 kite only

358,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 3.2 kite only

385,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 5.4 kite only

520,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 6.6 kite only

595,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 7.7 kite only

648,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 8.9 kite only

720,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 10.4 kite only

810,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 12.0 kite only

910,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 14.0 kite only

975,00 €


ZEBRA Z3 16.0 kite only

1.070,00 €


Information about bridle adjustment (in german)