Folding Cube

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Folding Cube combines many advantages in one piece of equipment:

  • The throw-line is safely stowed and can not foul during transport.
  • Unfolded the cube is very large so that the line can be led into it comfortably.
  • The unfolded cube is a strong and self supporting structure that can be carried around easily if you like to change your throwing position.
  • The Folding Cube packs and un-packs in four easy steps. Within seconds you will have your complete throwline equipment at the ready or stowed away neat and tidy.
  • When packed the Folding Cube is just a small bag with its carry- and attachment strap.






Folding cube Type 1 with single bottom           € 73,50
Folding cube Type 2 with double bottom         € 79,50

Happy throwing!

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