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The Folding Cube is the ideal container for storage, transport and use of a throw line with weight bags.

It is a well known problem among arborists how to stow their throw lines without fouling yet have them always and immediately ready for use.

The Folding Cube is the ideal solution. It combines many single advantages (achieved with other gear) into one piece of equipment.

The Folding Cube can be employed and deployed in a matter of seconds.

During transport the Folding Cube is but a small bag with its carry- or attachment strap. Throw lines and weight bags are firmly held inside and can not foul.

When employed, only four easy steps are necessary to transform the Folding Cube into a large, rigid and self supporting container:


One of the two weight bag pouches The weight bags are stowed in their allocated pouches on the inside.

The throw line lies on the bottom and experiences virtually no friction when running out of the large opening of the Folding Cube.

After throwing (whether successful or not) the line is pulled back and fed right into the large opening of the Folding Cube.

That way the line can not become entangled with branches or anything else laying around. If you like to change your position just carry the open Folding Cube to where you want to throw next.

Easy handling in difficult terrainIn a lot of undergrowth or in difficult terrain you may find it easy to stand and hold the Folding Cube in one hand or attach it to your belt or harness.

The Folding Cube can also easily be used when you are already off the ground and climbing.

While you may want to guide the weightbag on its way down over and around branches it is another valuable advantage to move around easily and carry the Folding Cube with you feedind the line into it at the same time.

When you are done it is just as easy to fold everything together into a small bag and you will rest assured that next time you need a throw line you won't have to mess with fouled lines, knots and embarrassment...