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harvesting-support: the innovational harvesting-support is a net-construction for apples, stone fruit, chestnuts and olives which facilitates yielding the harvest.


implementation: windfall gets caught in the net which prevents rotting on the ground. Two holes in the middle of the net enable the farmer to put the fruits/goods directly into a bucket. The self-supporting net-construction is supported by the trunk of the tree.


assembly: Put the net circular on the ground. To protect the bark, a padding will be attached to the trunk with Velcro tape. Then the middle part of the net will be tied with a lashing strap to the trunk.

Now the net will be straightened up. It is self-spanning, similar to a parasol. With two persons the set-up time is 5-10 minutes.


usage: the windfall-net can either remain at one tree during the harvest time or be carried from tree to tree for the joggle-harvest.

The standard size has a diameter of 5,5 meters. On customer request we also produce bigger nets.


material: the net fabric is steady and weather-resistant. The aluminium tubes are anodized.


Price: € 460,-