International Snowkite Open 2017, Italy

Friday, 3 February, 2017

On the first February weekend the 2017 Snowkite Open took place at Lake Resia, Italy.

The riders had to face difficult wind and weather conditions during the whole weekend. Fog was a huge problem as well as light winds. The LIBRE team riders Kolja, Bernd and Jörg started in the long distance race. 80 kilometers race distance were originally planned. However, little wind and fog during the races forced the race administration to shorten the distance down to 60 kilometers.

Kolja, Bernd and Jörg got into the races on their 15 m and 11 m Radical 3 proto-types.

In the end Bernd came in 2nd in the German ranking. With lots of effort Kolja won the German ranking on top of the podium.

In the international ranking Jörg landed on the 7th place.


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