By using state of the art materials, the weight of the kite could be extremely reduced, so that the Radical3 UL is at the top of the DePower race kites regarding weight.
The experience with the successful Spirit2, which is also produced in extreme lightweight construction, was used during the construction process.


During the development, the prototypes were continuously optimized. Top results were achieved from the beginning of the process:
1st place Long Distance Race 2018 Reschen Snowkite
1st place German Championship 2018 Kite-Buggy
1st place German Championship 2019 Reschen Snowkite


Beside the great performance, easy flight- and landing handling was successfully realized.

Both the race pilot and the ambitious recreational rider will have a lot of speed and fun with the Radical3 UL.

The very lightweight cloth allows the radical3 UL to accelerate extremely throughout all sizes and in light winds the kite stays safely in the air.

The fine size gradation always ensures maximum performance to match the prevailing wind conditions.

The reduced bridle is spliced, sewn, adjustable and thus State of the Art.


Radical3 UL – the features at a glance:

  • 7 sizes of 5.0 – 17.0
  • super light sail cloth
  • optimized shape
  • Liros bridle lines, spliced and sewn
  • D-Ribs
  • trimmable bridle
  • Color combination white-/red, white-/turquoise
  • made in EU


Prices Radical3 UL:

5.0 € 1.530,--
7.0 € 1.680,--
9.0 € 1.870,--
11.0 € 2.170,--
13.0 € 2.265,--
15.0 € 2.430,--
17.0 € 2.550,--
Bar € 468,--