Tuesday, 4 December, 2018

We proudly announce the extension of our sand yacht program:
Especially build for the needs of competition-pilots in the Mini Class 560, LIBRE presents the new LIBRE sand yacht.
The brand new sand yacht comes with various adjustment options which enable a quick set up for the prevailing conditions:

Saturday, 2 June, 2018

All the pilots enjoyed good weather conditions during the runs for the Swiss Championships 2018 in Turtmann. Our team rider Jörg Lammerskitten won the championships for the 11th time. Stefan Jutzi finished the races on the 2nd position.
Congratulations to Jörg and Stefan, both competing on the MicroRace.

Team LIBRE Powersails

Friday, 2 October, 2015

The Swiss sail-cart Championships  took place in Mollis/Switzerland on the 11th and 12th of April.

The pilots enjoyed sunshine during the whole event.

Thanks a lot to the regatta team of

Jörg Lammerskitten successfully defended his title followed by Ruedi Täschler and Stefan Jutzi.




1st Jörg Lammerskitten (MicroRace)

2nd Ruedi Täschler (MicroRace)

3rd Stefan Jutzi (MicroRace)

Saturday, 28 June, 2014

Swiss Championships 2014


On the 28th and 29th of June, the Swiss Championships took place in Turtmann.

Pilots from Italy, Germany, Belgium und Switzerland made the Event an international happening.

LIBRE pilots dominated the races and took the first 3 ranks.

LIBRE team rider Jörg Lammerskitten participated with the brand new BeachGlider.

We congratulate all LIBRE pilots to this huge success!

1st Jörg Lammerskitten BeachGlider
2nd Rudolf Taeschler MicroRace
3rd Stefan Jutzi MicroRace