Our new Slope de-powerable kite based on a high-performance kite.

Despite the great flight performance and powerful lift, the kite is still suitable for beginners.

Especially in lighter wind conditions, the Slope shows off its advantages: because of its light-weight construction the kite performance range is wider than most of its competitors.

The size 12.5 is equipped with a special de-power system designed  for extreme lift.

Available sizes: 4.0, 6.5, 9.0 und 12.5


  Slope price
SLO40 Slope 4.0 kite only 355,00 €
SLO65 Slope 6.5 kite only 445,00 €
SLO90 Slope 9.0 kite only 489,00 €
SLO125 Slope 12.5 kite only 638,00 €
SLO140 Slope 14.0 kite only  
SLO40 R Slope 4.0 ready to fly 615,00 €
SLO65 R Slope 6.5 ready to fly 710,00 €
SLO90 R Slope 9.0 ready to fly 750,00 €
SLO125 R Slope 12.5 ready to fly 820,00 €
SLO140R Slope 14.0 rady to fly  


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