Swiss Snowkite Tour 2016/2017 France

Saturday, 28 January, 2017

From 28th to 29th January the 3rd tour stop of the Swiss Snowkite Tour took place in Les Rousses, France. As the wind forecast was pretty lousy, a lot of riders decided not to travel to the event. In the end there were only 14 competitors. As predicted there was no wind on Saturday. Nevertheless, Sunday around noon the wind picked up a little an the first race happened in the afternoon.
Bernd, Kolja and Jörg started on their Radical 3 prototypes.
In the end Kolja won the event, followed by Bernd on 2nd and Jörg on 3rd position. All the podiums therefore were taken by our team!!!
Huge congratulations guys!!!

Fotos: Uwe Schneider